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Connection and communication

I started my career in journalism by chance. I met a girl at a party who said she could get me work experience at The Sunday Times magazine. At the time, I'd given up an advertising role to look after the elderly as a live-in carer. I loved care work but was looking for a new challenge. I got the work experience - which involved a lot of photocopying and coffee fetching - and wound up staying at The Sunday Times for three years. I met my husband, a fellow junior reporter, on the post run!

From The Sunday Times, I moved to the tabloid papers and then on to real life magazines where I worked my way up to the position of Deputy Editor over the course of 15 years. The real life industry is not for everyone - but I relished the opportunity to speak to people about their stories. 

During my career I’ve interviewed former presidents and celebrities, heartbroken mums of kids with frightening illnesses and incredibly brave kids scaling the world’s highest mountains - and pretty much every person in between. I’ve launched a campaign on historical child abuse in the Catholic Church, flown in a helicopter on a rescue mission to save a drowning child and been on a Strictly Come Dancing weight loss class. I’ve managed teams of writers and edited, commissioned and written real life features, as well as contributed towards health, travel and lifestyle pages both in print and online. 

I have also written content for websites for brands including Amex, Addidas, sustainable online fashion retailer Gather & See, and queue management service Nexa.

Since becoming a yoga teacher, I continue to write about health, wellness and people doing inspiring things and I hope to collaborate with wellness brands.

Writer: About Me
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